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Episode 44: We Would Know What They Thought When They Did It

We would now what they thought when they did it, a call for a history of ideas in computing. Laurent Bossavit, author of The Leprechauns of Software Engineering, can’t work out who introduced the phrase “legacy code” (or why). Technical … Continue reading

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Episode 43: what we DO know about software engineering

This episode follows from episode 42: what I have yet to learn. APPropriate Behaviour and its incompleteness comes up again The Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (and its incompleteness) come up again too; last mentioned in episode 41: professional software. … Continue reading

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Episode 42: What I have yet to learn

This episode is about the things I don’t know about software engineering. 20 things [Justin Etheridge has] learned in 20 years as a software engineer by @justinetheridge The SICPers blog (might be a bit weird linking that here, but if … Continue reading

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Episode 41: Professional Software

We talk about software engineering as a profession. ACM Code of Ethics Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBoK) BCS Code of Conduct

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Episode 40: Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Computer Programs

This episode is about truisms that aren’t, in the world of the computer. I’ve already written an article, falsehoods programmers believe about programming, on a similar topic, but in this episode I go into way more depth on the counter-examples … Continue reading

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Episode 39: Monetising the Hobby

This episode is about what happens when you let people who are interested in programming (the process) define how you do programming (creating a program). Links: Code Kata Just for Fun: the Story of an Accidental Revolutionary (Linus Torvalds’ autobiography) … Continue reading

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Episode 38: the Cost of Dependencies

This post is all about whether dependencies are expensive or valuable to a software project (the answer is “yes” in a lot of cases). It was motivated by Benefits of dependencies in software projects as a function of effort by … Continue reading

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Episode 37: systemic failures in software

Here we talk about things that can go wrong in a whole software organisation such that even if everybody does their job to the best of their ability, and they have a good ability, the result is far from optimal. … Continue reading

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Episode 36: the Isolation Episode

From my anosmic isolation chamber as I’ve got the ‘rona! I talk about how many of the things software engineers think they should or shouldn’t be doing probably don’t have any impact on the success or failure of the software … Continue reading

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Episode 35: a bored man with a microphone

I explore the theme of community and the difficulty I have with feeling like a member of a community of technologists. This was motivated by Joy, or Not by Ron Jeffries. The Descent of Man by Grayson Perry Society of … Continue reading

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