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{ Monthly Archives } March 2014

The Software Leviathan

Thomas Hobbes viewed society as a meta-person, a gigantic creature whose parts were human and which was in the service of those humans. Left to their own devices, people would not work well together as their notion of individualism and search for personal gain leads directly to conflict: strong government is needed to instil a […]

Where am I going with this?

I recently asked how people would describe this Secure Mac Programming blog were they trying to tell someone else they should read it. Of all the answers, the one that most succinctly sums up the trouble with the old name is from Alan: @secboffin Not Just Secure, Not Just Mac, Not Just Programming. I’m probably […]

My use of Latin: a glossary

i.e.: I Explain e.g.: Example Given et al.: Extremely Tedious Author List op. cit.: Other Page Cited It Too ibid.: In Book I Described etc.: Evermore To Continue a.m.: Argh! Morning! p.m.: Past Morning ca.: Close Approximation sic.: See Inexcusable Cock-up

Depending on the self-interest of strangers

The title is borrowed from an economics article by Art Carden, which is of no further relevance to this post. Interesting read though, yes? I’m enjoying the discussion in the iOS Developer Community™ about dependency of app makers on third-party libraries. My main sources for what I will (glibly, and with a lot of simplification) […]

Software, Science?

Is there any science in software making? Does it make sense to think of software making as scientific? Would it help if we could? Hold on, just what is science anyway? Good question. The medieval French philosopher-monk Buridan said that the source of all knowledge is experience, and Richard Feynman paraphrased this as “the test […]

Inside-Out Apps

This article is based on a talk I gave at mdevcon 2014. The talk also included a specific example to demonstrate the approach, but was otherwise a presentation of the following argument. You probably read this blog because you write apps. Which is kind of cool, because I have been known to use apps. I’d […]

Principled Lizards

Sixty-five million years ago, there were many huge lizards. Most of them were really happy being lizards, and would spend all of the time they could doing lizardy things. Some wanted to be the biggest lizards, and grew so large and so heavy that it would sound like peals of thunder if you could hear […]