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It was requested on twitter that I start answering community questions on the podcast. I’ve got a few to get the ball rolling, but what would you like to ask? Comment here, or reach me wherever you know I hang … Continue reading

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Graham Lee Uses This

I’ve never been famous enough in tech circles to warrant a post on uses this, but the joy of running your own blog is that you get to indulge any narcissistic tendencies with no filter. So here we go! The … Continue reading

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Cap in Hand

You’re probably aware that between this blog, De Programmatica Ipsum, and various books, I write a lot about software engineering and software engineers. You may know that I also present a podcast on software engineering topics, and co-host two live … Continue reading

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Digital Declutter

I’ve been reading and listening to various books about the attention/surveillance economy, the rise of fascism in the Anglosphere and beyond, and have decided to disconnect from the daily outrage and the impotent swiping of “social” “content”. The most immediately … Continue reading

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What’s on the other channel?

I run a company, a mission-driven software consultancy that aims to make it easier and faster to make high-quality software that preserves privacy and freedom. On the homepage you’ll find Research Watch, where I talk about research papers I read. … Continue reading

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New project: a dance a day

Starting tomorrow, A Dance A Day will, as its name suggests, feature a new dance tune every day, mostly taken from the English country dance tradition.

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Turn and face the strange

I’ve made some changes around here, and they impact how both you and I interact with this blog. Firstly, I added asides, which are untitled posts in the main stream. I think of them as something like Daring Fireball’s Linked … Continue reading

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The Software Leviathan

Thomas Hobbes viewed society as a meta-person, a gigantic creature whose parts were human and which was in the service of those humans. Left to their own devices, people would not work well together as their notion of individualism and … Continue reading

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Where am I going with this?

I recently asked how people would describe this Secure Mac Programming blog were they trying to tell someone else they should read it. Of all the answers, the one that most succinctly sums up the trouble with the old name … Continue reading

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