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The book “NeXTstep Programming Step One: Object-Oriented Applications” by Garfinkel and Mahoney said this about Controllers in 1993: A good rule of thumb is to place as little code in your controller as necessary. If it is possible to create … Continue reading

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Inside-Out Apps

This article is based on a talk I gave at mdevcon 2014. The talk also included a specific example to demonstrate the approach, but was otherwise a presentation of the following argument. You probably read this blog because you write … Continue reading

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Messily Veneered C

A recap: we saw that Model-View-Controller started life as Thing-Model-View-Editor, a way of approaching problems to design Smalltalk user interfaces. As Smalltalk-80 drifted off from its ivory tower, many Smalltalkers were using and talking about MVC, although any kind of … Continue reading

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Missing Vital Content

After reading Moderately Valuable Cliché, reader Nicholas Levin got in touch to recommend that I look at the back of my Smalltalk-80 books. Here’s the blue one. The first book mentioned in “Other books in the … Series” is the … Continue reading

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Moderately Valuable Cliché

In part 1 of the MVC story, I examined “Thing-Model-View-Editor”, a pattern[*] extracted by Trygve Reenskaug’s work in Smalltalk-76. By the time Smalltalk-80’s hot air balloon set sail from the ivory tower, there was already a structure called Model-View-Controller. Part … Continue reading

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Meaningless Vapid Catchphrase

On the 4th December 2013, I said: Urge to search the archives for papers on Model-View-Controller and write an essay on its ever-changing meaning in programmer discourse. Do you have any idea how much work that is? I do, now. … Continue reading

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