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HATEOAS app structure explained through some flimsy analogy

You are in a tall, narrow view. A vibrant, neon sign overhead tells you that this is the entrance to “Stocks” – below it is one of those scrolling news tickers you might see on Times Square. In front of … Continue reading

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Are you an [X] programmer?

On my twitter bio, I describe myself as: a Lovelacologist for portable transactators which is, in keeping with the way I’m dressed in the avatar pic, a steampunk way of saying that I’m a programmer of mobile computers. But is … Continue reading

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Blame culture

The tweet that started this post off: Candidate for the worst name of any SCM feature: “blame”. Don’t use it for that. I was recently watching a couple of conference talks (given by people working at the same company) where … Continue reading

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The code you wrote six months ago

We have this trope in programming that you should hate the code you wrote six months ago. This is a figurative way of saying that you should be constantly learning and assimilating new ideas, so that you can look at … Continue reading

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Separating user interface from work

Here’s a design I’ve had knocking around my head for a while, and between a discussion we had a few weeks ago at work and Saul Mora’s excellent design patterns talk at QCon I’ve built it. A quick heads-up: currently … Continue reading

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Fiction: The Ouroborus School pt 1

On a warm Spring day, the camera follows a butterfly as it wends its coruscating way around a buddleia bush. The plant is growing in the well-kept border surrounding an immaculately manicured lawn, the quadrangle of an imposing Jacobean building. … Continue reading

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On the design of iOS 7 and iconographoclasm

As I write this, the WWDC keynote presentation has been over for a little more than half a day. That, apparently, is plenty of time in which to evaluate a new version of an operating system based on a few … Continue reading

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Lighter UIViewControllers

The first issue of Objective-C periodical has just been announced: Issue #1 is about lighter view controllers. The introduction tells you a bit more about this issue and us. First, Chris writes about lighter view controllers. Florian expands on … Continue reading

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enum class in C++11

I’ve opened the new edition of Cuboid Stroustrup exactly once, and I’ve already learned exactly one useful thing. Before going into what that thing was, a comment on the book: The C++ Programming Language is, along with Object-Oriented Software Construction … Continue reading

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