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{ Monthly Archives } March 2012

Automate all the server Objective-C!

I decided it was time to stop writing WebObjects/GNUstepWeb code, and write some code that would make it easier to write WO/GSW code. With that in mind I replaced my previous component generator with a more robust generator. I also wrote and published some git hooks for working on these projects. The pre-commit hook just […]

Adding components to a GNUstep web / WebObjects app

In WebObjects, Components take the role of a view controller in what passes for Cocoa’s version of MVC. Each is responsible for calculating the data that the view objects are bound to: you saw an example of this in the previous post. Each is also responsible for responding to user interface events—called actions—and preparing the […]

Using Objective-C on the server

My talk at NSConf was about cross-platform Objective-C. Those people who I talked to after the session will know that my goal is clear. There are plenty of people out there who have learned Objective-C to get onto the iOS or Mac app stores. Those people need some server-side smarts in their apps, and want […]

More about the privacy pledge

Plenty of you have seen—and indeed signed— the App Makers’ Privacy Pledge on GitHub. If you haven’t, but after reading it are interested, see the instructions in the project README. It’s great to see so many app makers taking an interest in this issue, and the main goal of the pledge is to raise awareness […]

Confine ALL the things!

I was talking with Saul Mora at lunchtime about NSManagedObjectContext thread confinement. We launched into an interesting thought experiment: what if every object ran on its own thread? This would be interesting. You can never use a method that returns a value, because then you’d need to block this object’s thread while waiting for that […]

How to TDD with CATCH

Plenty of people have asked me about the TDD framework I use. While the book Test-Driven iOS Development has code using OCUnit (for pragmatic, and previously-covered, reasons); I am currently more frequently to be discovered using Phil Nash’s CATCH framework. Here’s how you can get from New Project to first passing test. I’m starting in […]

The security apprentice

This originally appeared in a post at Sophos’ Naked Security blog. There have been two recent occasions on which my computing life has been influenced by Lord Sugar, the business mogul in charge of Amstrad and star of BBC One’s reality show The Apprentice. The first was on a visit to the National Museum of […]

On advertising’s place in the tech industry

Dave Winer said the way is open for a non-ad-supported tech sector: The tech industry has been absorbed by the ad industry, and vice versa. However, there is, imho, still room for a tech industry that is not merged with the ad industry. In fact, if we want to have a tech industry at all, […]