Automate all the server Objective-C!

I decided it was time to stop writing WebObjects/GNUstepWeb code, and write some code that would make it easier to write WO/GSW code. With that in mind I replaced my previous component generator with a more robust generator.

I also wrote and published some git hooks for working on these projects. The pre-commit hook just runs ‘make’ and doesn’t let you commit if you can’t build: we’ll look at testing in a later post (you may not know this, but I’ve done a thing or two with Objective-C unit tests).

The post-commit hook launches the direct connect app, so you can have a box that’s always running the latest version for testing. You’d want to do something similar, though really not the same, for a production box: as well as being sensitive to database and web server adaptor[*] configurations, you’d want to be stricter about when you restart the server, and may have some app-specific work to do like triggering cleanup code. Besides which, it makes more sense to do that in a post-update hook.

[*] While a GSW app does include a web server, it’s common to restrict access to that server just to the internal network. Externally you have a “normal” web server like Apache or Nginx, with an adaptor that knows how to parse GSW URLs and redirect requests to the correct application.

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