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“Patently” obvious

Due to a lack of digit extraction I’m not at FOSDEM this weekend. That’s unfortunate because as well as catching up with my friends at Brainstorm and on GNUstep, I really enjoyed the weekend last year and drank plenty of … Continue reading

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Don’t go there

From the title linky: " Mobility is only available for Windows and Linux." Good job no-one bases their mobile appliances on Mac OS X ;-)

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Mach-OFS: aforementioned polish and functionality

It’s getting there, now has the ability to display load commands (though it only reports useful information for LC_SEGMENT and LC_SEGMENT_64 commands): Again the screenshot depicts the OmniDazzle binary for no reason other than it’s a nontrivial file. The directions … Continue reading

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Well, you could have told me

When looking through some of the configuration options on my laptop (well, it’s either that or go to the pub and socialise with humans) I came across something I couldn’t account — pardon the pun — for. A new user … Continue reading

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Mach-O FS (no really, MacFUSE does rule)

It needs some polishing and more functionality before I’d call it useful, then I have to find out whether I’m allowed to do anything with the source code ;-). But this is at least quite a cool hack; exploring a … Continue reading

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MacFUSE rules

One reason that microkernels win over everything else (piss off, Linus) is that stability is better, because less stuff is running in the dangerous and all-powerful kernel environment. MacFUSE, like FUSE implementations on other UNIX-like operating systems, takes the microkernel … Continue reading

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Non-subscription updates means charged?

< p>The justification for the iPod Touch upgrade fee (to enable the new apps, which are actually deployed-but-disabled by a free firmware upgrade) is the same as the justification given for the MacBook wireless upgrade fee last year – that … Continue reading

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From the no-man’s-land of the format wars

About nine and a half years ago, a sixteen-year-old gadget boy in Weymouth made a simple mistake. Given the already near-complete shift of the music industry from the cassette tape to the Philips compact disc, and the superior portability and … Continue reading

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We! Haven’t! Thought! This! Through!

So almost the entire world has exploded with news that Microsoft haven’t bought Yahoo!, but are at least waving ridiculous amounts of TEH CAHS under the noses of the shareholders. But what would be the outcome of such a takeover? … Continue reading

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