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Fuzzing as a security testing tool

Google have a new browser project, called chrome, and in their introduction they explain perfectly, through the medium of image, how fuzzing works. Of course, as anyone could tell you, if you take a thousand monkeys and a thousand typewriters … Continue reading

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MacFUSE rules

One reason that microkernels win over everything else (piss off, Linus) is that stability is better, because less stuff is running in the dangerous and all-powerful kernel environment. MacFUSE, like FUSE implementations on other UNIX-like operating systems, takes the microkernel … Continue reading

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Summer of code

GNUstep has been approved for this year’s Google Summer of Code. The title link goes to the GNUstep wiki page outlining possible projects, but I’m sure that if a student had another idea you’d be welcome to talk about it … Continue reading

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