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AppleScript, for once

AppleScript isn’t something I write much about, in fact this is the first post I’ve ever created on the topic. But AppleScript, like the Services menu and Automator, provides that most useful of usability enhancements: the ability to use multiple … Continue reading

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Local KDC on Leopard

via Nigel Kersten, a great description of the operation of Leopard’s built-in local KDC. I think the most exciting thing about the local KDC is the Bonjour support; could we see simple cross-system trust in the near future? Could there … Continue reading

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Well, you could have told me

When looking through some of the configuration options on my laptop (well, it’s either that or go to the pub and socialise with humans) I came across something I couldn’t account — pardon the pun — for. A new user … Continue reading

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A bit of backup script

Good news – there’s a handy tool in OS X called wait4path which can help when writing timed scripts to backup to removable media. Bad news – it [at least in Tiger….] works slightly esoterically – if a path is … Continue reading

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When most perl developers (I believe there still are one or two in existence) talk of the "cool one-liner" that they wrote, what they actually mean is that they grabbed a crapload of packages from CPAN, invoked a few use … Continue reading

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