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HATEOAS app structure explained through some flimsy analogy

You are in a tall, narrow view. A vibrant, neon sign overhead tells you that this is the entrance to “Stocks” – below it is one of those scrolling news tickers you might see on Times Square. In front of … Continue reading

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In addition to being a mildly accomplished software engineer, I’ve done some studying and armchair research in the field of ancient languages and palaeography. What happens if we smoosh those fields together? In a very slight way, art historian and … Continue reading

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Android: the missed opportunities

There are a few Android devices I have respect for: the Amazon Kindle Fire is one, the B&N Nook another, and the Cisco Cius is the third. To a lesser extent, the Sony tablet also fits this category. I don’t … Continue reading

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Why your security UI sucks

The principle recurring problem in user experience is creating a user interface that supports the user’s mental model of how an app works, while simultaneously enabling the actions that are actually supported by the implementation’s model of the problem domain. … Continue reading

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On Fitt’s Law and Security

…eh? Don’t worry, read on and all shall be explained. I’ve said in multiple talks and podcasts before that one key to good security is good user interface design. If users are comfortable performing their tasks, and your application is … Continue reading

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