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It’s about solving problems

As ever, there’s a touchstone issue on the programmers’ corner of the intarwebs (the programmers’ corner is actually the same intarwebs everyone else is using, just we model it with geometry so it can have a corner). Here it is: … Continue reading

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ClassBrowser: warts and all

I previously gave a sneak peak of ClassBrowser, a dynamic execution environment for Objective-C. It’s not anything like ready for general use (in fact it can’t really do ObjC very well at all), but it’s at the point where you … Continue reading

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Automated tests with the GNUstep test framework

Setup Of course, it’d be rude not to use a temperature converter as the sample project in a testing blog post. The only permitted alternative is a flawed bank account model. I’ll create a folder for my project, then inside … Continue reading

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Programmer Values

A question and answer exchange over at reveals something interesting about how software is valued. The question asked whether there is any real-world data regarding costs and benefits of test-driven development.[*] One of the answers contained, at time of … Continue reading

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Lighter UIViewControllers

The first issue of Objective-C periodical has just been announced: Issue #1 is about lighter view controllers. The introduction tells you a bit more about this issue and us. First, Chris writes about lighter view controllers. Florian expands on … Continue reading

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Specifications for interchanging objects

One of the interesting aspects of Smalltalk and similar languages including Objective-C and Ruby is that while the object model exposes a hierarchy of classes, consumers of objects in these environments are free to ignore the position of the object … Continue reading

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BrowseOverflow as a Code Kata

This article was originally posted over at InformIT. My goal in writing Test-Driven iOS Development was to take readers from not knowing how to write a test for their iOS apps, to understanding the TDD workflow and how it could … Continue reading

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Building a unit test target with GNUstep make

Just a quick note on how I build my test tools (they run separately, either by manual invocation or via CI) when I’m working in GNUstep. Firstly, you’ll need Catch. Then given test files that look like this: #define … Continue reading

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Metacognition-driven development

To find out what techniques work for you in a field of practice, you often need to think about how you think. To decide what it is that drives your learning processes, and then adapt your practices to suit that. … Continue reading

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Classes are globals, too

Software engineers are used to the notion that global variables are a bad idea. Globals are usually accessed by asking, not by telling. They introduce tight coupling between any module that uses the global and the one that declares it, … Continue reading

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