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New Swift hardware

The Swift Tower is an artificial nesting structure, installed in Oxford University parks. That or a very blatant sponsorship deal.

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I’m probably holding it wrong

If I wanted to do a table view data source in ObjC, it would look like this: – tableView:aTableView objectValueForTableColumn:aColumn row:(NSInteger)row { return [representedObject.collection[row] valueForKey:[aColumn identifier]]; } When I do it in Swift, it ends up looking like this: func … Continue reading

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Beginner thoughts

Back story: my period of walkabout, in which I went to see the rest of the computing world beyond Apple land, started in November 2014. This was shortly after Swift’s introduction at WWDC 2014. It ended in October 2018, by … Continue reading

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given-when-then in XCTest

I started writing a new Mac app, and I started doing it by driving the implementation through Xcode UI Automation tests. But then it turned out I was driving the test infrastructure as much as the tests, and it’s that … Continue reading

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