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{ Monthly Archives } April 2018

Let’s talk about self-documenting code

You think your code is self-documenting. That it doesn’t need comments or Doxygen or little diagrams, because it’s clear from the code what it does. I do not think that that is true. Even if your reader has at least as much knowledge of the programming language you’ve used as you have, and at least […]

Rethinking Object-Oriented Design figures

My iPad-drawn graphics in Rethinking OOD at App Builders 2018 were not very good, so here are the ink-and-paper versions. Please have them to hand when viewing the talk (which is the first of a two-parter, though I haven’t pitched part two anywhere yet).

Inheritance still doesn’t make any sense

Some ideas based on feedback to the Why inheritance never made any sense: Feedback: Subtypes are necessary The only one of these that is practically workable is behaviour inheritance <=> subtype inheritance: I’m sorry that you were exposed to Java at such an impressionable age. The compilers of languages like Java enable subclass = subtype, […]

Subatomic Chocolate

This started out as a toot thread, but “threaded tooting is tedious for everybody involved” so here’s the single post that thread should have been. The “Electron vs. native” debate doesn’t make much sense. I feel like I’ve been here before: Somehow those of us who had chosen a different programming language knew that we […]

What’s better than semver?

Many software libraries are released with version “numbers” that follow a scheme called Semantic Versioning. A semantic version is three numbers separated by dots, of the form x.y.z, where: if x is zero, all bets are off. Otherwise; z increments “if only backwards compatible bug fixes are introduced. A bug fix is defined as an […]

What Lenin taught me about software movements

In What is to be done?: Burning Questions of our Movement, Lenin lists four roles who contribute to fomenting revolution – the theoreticians, the propagandists, the agitators, and the organisers: The theoreticians write research works on tariff policy, with the “call”, say, to struggle for commercial treaties and for Free Trade. The propagandist does the […]