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Literate Programming with LibreOffice

This post comes in the form of an OpenDocumentFormat document containing a program that can extract programs from ODF documents, including the program contained in this document.

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Prototypical object-oriented programming

Some people think that the notion of classes is intrinsic to object-oriented programming. Bertrand Meyer even wrote a textbook about OOP called A Touch of Class. But back in the 1980s, Alan Borning and others were trying to teach object-oriented … Continue reading

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In defence of assertions

The year is 2017 and people are still recommending processing out assertions from release builds. many assertions are short tests (whether or not that’s a good thing): this variable now has a value, this number is now greater than zero), … Continue reading

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In defence of large teams

Seen on the twitters: 1) Bad reasons why tech startups have incredibly large mobile teams even though from an engineering perspective they don’t need it. This is the No True Scotsman fallacy, as no true software department needs more than, … Continue reading

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Your build needs to be better

I’ve said it before, build systems are a huge annoyance. If your build is anything other than seemingly instantaneous, it’s costing you severe money. Your developers are probably off reading HN, or writing blog posts about how slow builds cost … Continue reading

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