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Messily Veneered C

A recap: we saw that Model-View-Controller started life as Thing-Model-View-Editor, a way of approaching problems to design Smalltalk user interfaces. As Smalltalk-80 drifted off from its ivory tower, many Smalltalkers were using and talking about MVC, although any kind of … Continue reading

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The Objective-C protocol naming trifecta

Objective-C protocol names throughout history seem to fall into three distinct conventions: some are named after what a conforming object provides. Thus we have DBProperties, DBEntities, DBTypes and the like in Database Kit. others are named after what the object … Continue reading

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ClassBrowser’s public face

I made a couple of things: ClassBrowser discussion list The project website‘s source is now visible and MIT licensed I should’ve done both of these things at the beginning of the project. I believe that the fact I opened the … Continue reading

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Replacing the language

Over the last few years, people have used the ObjC frameworks from TCL, Python, Perl and WebScript, Perl again, Perl, more Python, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Java, Java, AppleScript, Smalltalk, C++, Pascal, Object Pascal, CLIPS, Common LISP, Nu, Eero, Modula-2, … Continue reading

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Laggards don’t buy apps: devil’s advocate edition

Silky-voiced star of podcasts and all-round nice developer person Brent Simmons just published a pair of articles on dropping support for older OS releases. His argument is reasonable, and is based on a number of axioms including this one: People … Continue reading

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Missing Vital Content

After reading Moderately Valuable Cliché, reader Nicholas Levin got in touch to recommend that I look at the back of my Smalltalk-80 books. Here’s the blue one. The first book mentioned in “Other books in the … Series” is the … Continue reading

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Moderately Valuable Cliché

In part 1 of the MVC story, I examined “Thing-Model-View-Editor”, a pattern[*] extracted by Trygve Reenskaug’s work in Smalltalk-76. By the time Smalltalk-80’s hot air balloon set sail from the ivory tower, there was already a structure called Model-View-Controller. Part … Continue reading

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