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{ Monthly Archives } January 2014

Set the settings set

The worst method naming convention Object-Oriented programming is set{Thing}(). And no, C# doesn’t escape my ire for calling it Set{Thing}(), nor does Smalltalk for calling it {thing}:, though that does handily demonstrate how meaningless set is. OK, so set isn’t really meaningless. In fact, it’s got the opposite problem: entirely too many meanings. Luckily, when […]

Meaningless Vapid Catchphrase

On the 4th December 2013, I said: Urge to search the archives for papers on Model-View-Controller and write an essay on its ever-changing meaning in programmer discourse. Do you have any idea how much work that is? I do, now. So I’m going to cover a very small part of the story here, with a […]

The First Flaw

As she left her desk at the grandiosely-named United States Robotics, Susan reflected on her relationship with the engineering team she was about to meet. Many of its members were juvenile and frivolous in her opinion, and she refused to play along with any of their jokes. Even the title they gave her was mocking. […]

It’s about solving problems

As ever, there’s a touchstone issue on the programmers’ corner of the intarwebs (the programmers’ corner is actually the same intarwebs everyone else is using, just we model it with geometry so it can have a corner). Here it is: Alan Kelly predicted that by 2022, TDD will become a prerequisite for employment as a […]

Programming as a societal roadblock

Introduction People who make software are instigators of and obstacles to social interactions. We are secondarily technologists, in that we apply technology to enable and block these transactions. This article explores the results. Programmers as arbiters of death I would imagine that many programmers are aware of the Therac-25 and the injuries and deaths it […]

ClassBrowser: warts and all

I previously gave a sneak peak of ClassBrowser, a dynamic execution environment for Objective-C. It’s not anything like ready for general use (in fact it can’t really do ObjC very well at all), but it’s at the point where you can kick the tyres and contribute pull requests. Here’s what you need to know: Get […]