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{ Monthly Archives } December 2011

These things are hard

Mike Lee recently wrote about his feelings on seeing those classic pictures from the American space program, in which the earth appears as a small blue marble set against the backdrop of space. His concluding paragraph: Life has its waves. There are ups and downs. My not insubstantial gut and my lucky stars both are […]

On explaining stuff to people

An article that recently made the rounds, though it was written back in September, is called Apple’s Idioten Vektor. It’s a discussion of how the CCCrypt() function in Apple’s CommonCrypto library, when used in its default cipher block chaining mode, treats the IV (Initialization Vector) parameter as optional. If you don’t supply an IV, it […]

On SSL Pinning for Cocoa [Touch]

Moxie Marlinspike, recently-acquired security boffin at Twitter, blogged about SSL pinning. The summary is that relying on the CA trust model to validate SSL certificates introduces some risk into using an app – there are hundreds of trusted roots in an operating system like iOS, and you don’t necessarily want to trust all (or even […]

A bunch of monkeys with typewriters

As with many of the posts in this blog, this one originally started as a tweet that got too long. With the launch of Path 2, a conversation about Atos ditching email for social media and Yammer posting a video of how their enterprise social network is used at O2, I’ve been thinking about how […]