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Protecting source code

As I mentioned on the missing Live episode, one of the consequences of the Gawker hack was that their source code for their internal software was leaked into the Internet. I doubt any of my readers would want that … Continue reading

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On the Mac App Store

I’ve just come off iDeveloper.TV Live with Scotty and John, where we were talking about the Mac app store. I had some material prepared about the security side of the app store that we didn’t get on to – here’s … Continue reading

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Did the UK create a new kind of “Crypto Mule”?

It’s almost always the case that a new or changed law means that there is a new kind of criminal, because there is by definition a way to contravene the new law. However, when the law allows the real criminals … Continue reading

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On how to get crypto wrong

I’ve said time and time again: don’t write your own encryption algorithm. Once you’ve chosen an existing algorithm, don’t write your own implementation. Today I had to look at an encryption library that had been developed to store some files … Continue reading

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A site for discussing app security

There’s a new IT security site over at Stack Exchange. Questions and answers on designing and implementing IT security policy, and on app security are all welcome. I’m currently a moderator at the site, but that’s just an interim thing … Continue reading

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On Fuzzy Aliens

I have just launched a new company, Fuzzy Aliens[*], offering application security consultancy services for smartphone app developers. This is not the FAQ list, this is the “questions I want to answer so that they don’t become frequently asked” list. … Continue reading

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