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{ Monthly Archives } May 2010

On NSNull as an anti-pattern

All this talk about type-safe collections may leave you thinking: but what about NSNull? Let’s say you have an array that only accepts objects conforming to MyProtocol. You can’t add +[NSNull null] to it, because it doesn’t implement the protocol. So haven’t I just broken mutable arrays? Let’s be clear: NSNull is a nasty hack. […]

On type safety and making it harder to write buggy code

Objective-C’s duck typing system is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, in that it’s amazingly flexible. A curse, in that such flexibility can lead to some awkward problems. Something that typically happens in dealing with data from a property list, JSON or other similar format is that you perform some operation on an […]

Careful how you define your properties

Spot the vulnerability in this Objective-C class interface: @interface SomeParser : NSObject { @private NSString *content; } @property (nonatomic, retain) NSString *content; – (void)beginParsing; //… @end Any idea? Let’s have a look at a use of this class in action: SomeParser *parser = [[SomeParser alloc] init]; NSMutableString *myMutableString = [self prepareContent]; parser.content = myMutableString; [parser […]

Why OS X (almost) doesn’t need root any more

Note: this post was originally written for the Mac Developer Network. In the beginning, there was the super-user. And the super-user was root. When it comes to doling out responsibility for privileged work in an operating system, there are two easy ways out. Single-user operating systems just do whatever they’re told by whoever has access, […]

On improved tool support for Cocoa developers

I started writing some tweets, that were clearly taking up too much room. They started like this: My own thoughts: tool support is very important to good software engineering. 3.3.1 is not a big inhibitor to novel tools. /cc @rentzsch then this: There’s still huge advances to make in automating design, bug-hunting/squashing and traceability/accountability, for […]

On localisation and security

Hot on the heels of Uli’s post on the problems of translation, I present another problem you might encounter while localising your code. This is a genuine bug (now fixed, of course) in code I have worked on in the past, only the data has been changed to protect the innocent. We had a crash […]