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MacDev 2009!

It’s a long way off, but now is a good time to start thinking about the MacDev ’09 conference, organised by the inimitable Scotty of the Mac Developer Network. This looks like being Europe’s closest answer to WWDC, but without … Continue reading

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Rhetoric, smoothly outlined

Something I did a number of years ago (I could tell you how many, couldn’t I? If I could remember; I think it must have been 7) was to study critical analysis. That’s the application of linguistics and sociology to, … Continue reading

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AppleScript, for once

AppleScript isn’t something I write much about, in fact this is the first post I’ve ever created on the topic. But AppleScript, like the Services menu and Automator, provides that most useful of usability enhancements: the ability to use multiple … Continue reading

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Overdoing the risk management

I own a notebook. In fact, I own several notebooks. One in particular has an interesting feature (where I use “feature” in the “different from the competition, though we don’t know whether anyone actually needs it” sense); inside the front … Continue reading

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Title linky goes to a Sophos blog post I wrote about the relative success of MobileMe phishing scams, and the insecurity of MobileMe web access.

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Apple 2, iamleeg 0

So, my few-year-old iPod decided it had had enough, and with pay day having only just passed I thought maybe it would be nice to get a new one. What’s happened today? Got the new one home, and it won’t … Continue reading

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The twitter sitter hit a bitter critter

Yup, more on the subject of a home-grown Twitter client. This time, posting and sorting out the UI somewhat have both been achieved: Posting tweets is amazingly simple – just take the tweet and stuff it into the body of … Continue reading

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Mac user Gmail account hack

I found today in Macintouch reader reports the news that a Mac user found his Gmail account had been taken over. He writes: I woke up this morning and looked at my gmail and thought, gee that’s weird, it won’t … Continue reading

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A better bit o’ twitter than the bitter twitter Tommy Titter bought

Just because everyone these days writes a Twitter client: This was actually a quick hack project to make up for the fact that I missed CocoaHeads tonight (due to a combination of an uninteresting phone call, and a decision to … Continue reading

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Fuzzing as a security testing tool

Google have a new browser project, called chrome, and in their introduction they explain perfectly, through the medium of image, how fuzzing works. Of course, as anyone could tell you, if you take a thousand monkeys and a thousand typewriters … Continue reading

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