Mac user Gmail account hack

I found today in Macintouch reader reports the news that a Mac user found his Gmail account had been taken over. He writes:

I woke up this morning and looked at my gmail and thought, gee that’s weird, it won’t accept my password. I figured it was a glitch and tried it on my iphone, same thing.

Then I asked for a password reset. When I got back into the account, found a bunch of sent emails from a Nigerian scammer. I also looked at the ip history in gmail and noticed the weird IP, which of course came from Nigeria.

This relates well to a point I’ve made repeatedly in podcasts and papers; namely that having information worth stealing is not a Windows-only situation. As more data is stored "in the cloud" then the security of the cloud and of the way we use it becomes as important what is going on in our own computers. Having a weak Facebook password compromised will work just as well if you’re on Trusted Solaris as Windows.

In other news, yesterday’s Twitter client is not really much further along, because a thunderstorm has meant I’ve unplugged all of my electronics (the laptop isn’t plugged in to anything, obviously). I am now very grateful to MarsEdit for having offline editing capability, otherwise I’d have to try and remember all this stuff later ;-)

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