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On a re-read you realise this isn’t really about Swift

It’s a bit early to have formed an opinion on a recently-announced programming language, but as the requisite number of people have asked what mine is (i.e. at least zero) I thought I’d type and see what happens. Rules in programming tend to be bullshit. This is about one-third of a talk I’m giving later […]

It’s just like English

Fans of the RSpec tool for writing tests will be familiar with its English-like(fn1) syntax for describing tests, which looks like this. describe StrawMan do context “when interpreting a test in RSpec” do it “is written in plain English” do expect(spec).to eq(legible_text) end end end That’s almost completely distinguishable from conversational English. Perhaps programmers just […]

How much programming language is enough?

Many programmers have opinions on programming languages. Maybe, if I present an opinion on programming languages, I can pass off as a programmer. An old debate in psychology and anthropology is that of nature vs nurture, the discussion over which characteristics of humans and their personalities are innate and which are learned or otherwise transferred. […]