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On phone support scams and fake AV

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Twitter about a new scam: Heard about someone who was phoned by a man “from Windows” who engineered his way into remote access to the mark’s computer. Fast forward to now, the … Continue reading

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On free Mac Anti-Virus

On Tuesday, my pals at my old stomping ground Sophos launched their Free home edition Mac product. I’ve been asked by several people what makes it tick, so here’s Mac Anti-Virus In A Nutshell. What is the AV doing? So … Continue reading

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Security flaw liability

The Register recently ran an opinion piece called Don’t blame Willy the Mailboy for software security flaws. The article is a reaction to the following excerpt from a SANS sample application security procurement contract: No Malicious Code Developer warrants that … Continue reading

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I just reviewed a blog post I wrote for Graham Cluley a while back, in which I looked at the impact a common vulnerability on the iPhone and Mac would have. I think in the run-up to the iPad’s release, … Continue reading

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It’s just a big iPod

I think you would assume I had my privacy settings ramped up a little too high if I hadn’t heard about the iPad, Apple’s new touchscreen mobile device. Having had a few days to consider it and allow the hype … Continue reading

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