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I only have the word of the internet to tell me that Tsundoku is the condition of acquiring new books without reading them. My metric for this condition is my list of books I own but have yet to read: … Continue reading

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A full-stack software engineer is someone who is comfortable working at any layer, from code and systems through team members to customers.

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My current record of FOSDEM attendance sees me there once per decade: my first visit was in 2007 and I’m having breakfast in my hotel at the end of my second trip. I should probably get here more often. Unlike … Continue reading

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Coercion over configuration.

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The package management paradox

There was no need to build a package management system since CPAN, and yet npm is the best. Wait, what? Every time a new programming language or framework is released, people seem to decide that: It needs its own package … Continue reading

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