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Standing at the Crossroads

A while back I wrote Conflicts in my Mental Model of Objective-C, in which I listed a few small scale dichotomies or cognitive dissonances that plagued my notion of my work. I just worked out what the overall picture is, … Continue reading

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A sneaky preview of ClassBrowser

Let me start with a few admissions. Firstly, I have been computering for a good long time now, and I still don’t really understand compilers. Secondly, work on my GNUstep Web side-project has tailed off for a while, because I … Continue reading

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By your _cmd

This post is a write-up of a talk I gave at Alt Tech Talks: London on the Objective-C runtime. Seriously though, you should’ve been there. The Objective-C runtime? That’s the name of the library of C functions that implement the … Continue reading

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The Ignoble Programmer

Two programmers are taking a break from their work, relaxing on a bench in the park across from their office. As they discuss their weekend plans, a group of people jog past, each carrying their laptop in a yoke around … Continue reading

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Agile application security

There’s a post by clever security guy Jim Bird on Appsec’s Agile Problem: how can security experts participate in fast-moving agile (or Agileā„¢) projects without either falling behind or dragging the work to a halt? I’ve been the Appsec person … Continue reading

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