Test-Driven iOS Development

Here it is, after more than a year in the making, the book that they really did want you to read! Test-driven IOS Development (Developer’s Library) (affiliate link) has finally hit the stores[*].

I wrote this book for the simple reason that it didn’t exist. Like Professional Cocoa Application Security (Wrox Professional Guides) (another affiliate link), I knew that the topic was something many people were interested in, including myself. I wanted a single place I could go to find out about using Xcode for writing unit tests, and how the Test-Driven Development approach could be applied to writing Cocoa code with Objective-C.

Well, it turned out that this place didn’t exist, so I tried my best to create it. In the book you’ll see how the BrowseOverflow app was built entirely in a test-first fashion, using OCUnit and Xcode 4. Along the way, I hope you’ll see how TDD can be useful for your own projects.

If you’re interested in finding out more about test-driven development for iOS apps, I’ll be giving a talk on the subject at iOSDev UK in Aberystwyth in July. And of course I’m happy to field questions about the book or about TDD here or over on Twitter. And of course my unit testing video training course is still available from iDeveloper.tv.

Happy testing!

[*]The availability appears to vary by country and format, so if it isn’t in your favourite (e)bookstore yet just be patient and keep refreshing that page like it’s the WWDC site.

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6 Responses to Test-Driven iOS Development

  1. mandaris says:

    Do you have an affiliate link for those of us in the US?

  2. Graham says:

    No, I’ve only got a UK Amazon account. Just buy a few copies of the book so I get bigger royalties ;-)

  3. Hi Graham,

    As a self-taught iOS developer unit-testing is something I have never really looked into or done at all (in any language, even at work it isn’t done).

    Tempted to get this book but is it targeted at people who have done no testing at all in the past or do I need to know the basic concepts beforehand?



    P.S. saw your talk last year and will be there again this year armed with questions and apps :-D

    P.P.S. Amazon UK says not published yet, refresh, refresh, refresh… :-D

  4. Graham says:

    Hi Oliver,

    I hope the book is suitable for you. It relies on some knowledge of the iOS SDK: you should be able to read Objective-C, and understand what UIKit classes like UIViewController and UITableView do. You don’t need to know anything about testing, the book will introduce the concepts you need before getting into details about how to implement test-driven development for an iOS app. Of course, if you have problems you apparently know where to find me ;-)

  5. Jamie says:

    Hi Graham, it seems that the kindle edition is only available to customers in the UK. Are you planning on making it available to the rest of the world? I really do hate these regional restrictions I must say that the kindle store imposes. Anyway, looking forward to getting hold of a copy. :-)

  6. Graham says:

    I’m not the publisher, you’ll have to take that up with InformIT.

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