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{ Monthly Archives } September 2011

On Windows 8

Right from the beginning, you have to accept that this analysis is based on the presentation of Windows 8 shown at the //build/windows conference. I’ve watched the presentation, I’m downloading the developer preview but I’m over an hour away from even discovering whether I have anything I can install that on. My biggest concern The […]

Don’t be a dick

In a recent post on device identifiers, I wrote a guideline that I’ve previously invoked when it comes to sharing user data. Here is, in both more succinct and complete form than in the above-linked post, the Don’t Be A Dick Guide to Data Privacy: The only things you are entitled to know are those […]

So you don’t like your IDE

There are many different tools for writing Objective-C code, though of course many people never stray much beyond the default that’s provided by their OS vendor. Here are some of the alternatives I’ve used: this isn’t an in-depth review of any tool, but if you’re looking for different ways to write your code, these are […]