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{ Monthly Archives } August 2011

On device identifiers

Note: as ever, this blog refrains from commenting on speculation regarding undisclosed product innovations from device providers. This post is about the concept of tracking users via a device identifier. You might find the discussion useful in considering future product directions; that’s fine. Keeping records of what users are up to has its benefits. As […]

Remember the future?

The future is notoriously hard to pin down. For example, what is Seattle’s lasting legacy from 20th Century technology? What would people have pointed to in, say, the 1970s? Of course, Seattle is the home of Boeing, who did a lot of construction for NASA (and bought most of the other companies that were also […]

Want to hire iamleeg?

Well, that was fun. For nearly a year I’ve been running Fuzzy Aliens, a consultancy for app developers to help get security and privacy requirements correct, reducing the burden on the users. This came after a year of doing the same as a contractor, and a longer period of helping out via conference talks, a […]