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What happens when you jailbreak an iPad

Having played around with an iPad running a jailbreak OS yesterday, I thought it would be useful to explain one possible attack that doesn’t seem to get much coverage. As I’ve discussed in numerous talks, the data protection feature of … Continue reading

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On counting numbers

While we were at NSConference, Alistair Houghton told me that he was working on static NSNumbers in clang. I soon thought: wouldn’t it be nice to have code like this? for (NSNumber *i in [@10 times]) { /* … */ … Continue reading

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On NSInvocation

I was going to get down to doing some writing, but then I got some new kit I needed to set up, so that isn’t going to happen. Besides which, I was talking to one developer about NSInvocation and writing … Continue reading

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On comment docs

Something I’m looking at right now is generation of (in my case, HTML) API documentation from some simple markup format. The usual way to do this is by writing documentation markup inline in the source code, using specially formatted comments … Continue reading

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On Being a Software Person

On Wednesday I spoke at Qcon London, about “Mobile App Security and Privacy: You’re Doing It Wrong (and so am I)” as part of @akosma’s track on iOS and Android. The whole track was full of win: particularly, if you … Continue reading

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