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Website relaunch!

Today I have re-launched Thaes Ofereode to focus on my new role as an independent Mac boffin. I really like the new design, which was created by the ever-delightful Freya. edit: Gecko doesn’t understand the CSS media selector I was … Continue reading

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Next CocoaHeads Swindon meet!

So for those of you who didn’t manage to enjoy the glories to be found in the town that was the inspiration for one of Legion’s more colourful adventures,[] next Monday, the 3rd of August, offers yet another once-in-a-monthtime opportunity! … Continue reading

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NSConference videos

Scotty and the gang have been getting the NSConference videos out to the public lately, and now sessions 7-9 are available including my own session on security. The videos are really high quality, I’m impressed by the postproduction that’s gone … Continue reading

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Coming very shortly…

This website will be the new home for information on Cocoa and Mac OS X security. But not yet! Please check back soon; in the mean time take a look at my homepage. Graham.

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Refactor your code from the command-line

While the refactoring support in Xcode 3 has been something of a headline feature for the development environment, in fact there’s been a tool for doing Objective-C code refactoring in Mac OS X for a long time. Longer than it’s … Continue reading

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CocoaHeads Swindon tonight!

For those of you who’ve never explored the delights that the fine city of the Hill of Pigs has to offer, tonight offers an unparalleled opportunity. Come and sit in (or outside, weather permitting) a pub only a short distance … Continue reading

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Just because Brucie says it…

Bruce Schneier claims that shoulder-surfing isn’t much of a problem these days. Plenty of people discovered “my password” at NSConference, so I disagree :-) (photo courtesy of stuff mc).

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KVO and +initialize

Got caught by a really hard-to-diagnose issue today, so I decided to write it down in part so that you don’t get bitten by it, and partly so that next time I come across the issue, I’ll remember what it … Continue reading

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