Next CocoaHeads Swindon meet!

So for those of you who didn’t manage to enjoy the glories to be found in the town that was the inspiration for one of Legion’s more colourful adventures,[] next Monday, the 3rd of August, offers yet another once-in-a-monthtime opportunity! As ever, the location is in (or just outside) the Glue Pot, a strong man’s stone’s throw from the Swindon train station. This month’s meeting is a recap on QTKit, to allow those who weren’t there last time due to the reschedule to catch up on integrating QuickTime into their Cocoa apps.

[] What am I doing knowing quotes like that? Well, the clue is in the user name. When I was a student my UNIX username was leeg, clearly based on my real name. In short order, I was introduced as "He is Leeg, for he are many" and thus iamleeg.

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