Website relaunch!

Today I have re-launched Thaes Ofereode to focus on my new role as an independent Mac boffin. I really like the new design, which was created by the ever-delightful Freya.

edit: Gecko doesn’t understand the CSS media selector I was using to provide the iPhone CSS. I’ve therefore reverted the iPhone design until I can find a way to get Firefox to suck less.

The one thing I added to her design was a more iPhone-friendly look. For those of you without iPhones, the screenshots demonstrate how the mobile version will appear. For those of you who are CSS experts, the following will probably be rather dull but for those like me who know enough to be dangerous but no more, here’s how it’s done.

The three-column layout works really well on the desktop, but the iPhone has a tallscreen-oriented display so not much space for horizontal layout. I therefore chose to put the leftmost, menu column underneath the main content on each page, so iPhone users get to see the heading and then the meat and potatoes. If they are interested enough to get to the end, they’ll see the links to the rest of the site.

The links, btw, are just paragraphs with a border, a lot of padding and the magic -webkit-border-radius providing the roundy edges; no messing with JavaScript and funny part-circle images.

So, the third column? Well those impressive-looking widgets can’t be displayed on the phone anyway, and would be a bit out of place so they’re gone for the moment with the mobile CSS. I may code up some JavaScript replacements soon enough, but I’ll need to find somewhere else for them to go. In the meantime, I know you read my blog because you’re here, and there are many apps which can help you follow me on Twitter.

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