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How to solve every problem in Cocoa

Yes, really, every problem. Don’t think of Cocoa as "simple things simple, complex things possible" (actually, was it Cocoapenextstepsody or Perl who started with that tagline? Or someone else? I digress) but "simple things simple, complex things simple but you’re … Continue reading

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Objective-C Design Patterns

Certain events at work have turned me into a bit of a design patterns geek of late, and as such I stumbled across this DDJ article from 1997 (the title of this post is the link). According to not … Continue reading

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FSF membership

I am now an associate member of the FSF. This is a good way to support Free Software development (including GNUstep, and you don’t even need to be able to code :-). I’ve added a referral link to the sidebar … Continue reading

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It’s update o’clock

In other words, it’s "Graham remembers that someone needs to write the interwebs, too" time. The main reason I haven’t written in a while is that I’m enjoying the new job, so it’s satiating my hacking desires. No hacking projects … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s just me who gets annoyed by teeny-tiny miniaturised views which are completely illegible. Even so, I’ve just uploaded an article I wrote on Miniwindows which can be used in any OpenStep implementation such as Cocoa or GNUstep. It’s … Continue reading

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Summer of code

GNUstep has been approved for this year’s Google Summer of Code. The title link goes to the GNUstep wiki page outlining possible projects, but I’m sure that if a student had another idea you’d be welcome to talk about it … Continue reading

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FOSDEM / GNUstep photos

Just came in on #gnustep. Many photos of the GNUstep booth, dev room and of course the famous GNUstep dinner.

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Apres ca, le FOSDEM

It appears that I’m sat in Terminal B of L’Aeroporte Nationale de Bruxelles, waiting for my flight to board. While there are wirelesses around, the ones to which I can connect seem not to be offering much in the way … Continue reading

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Fairly cool update to GNUstep

GNUstep-make now supports arbitrary(-ish) filesystem layouts. While the default is still the /usr/GNUstep layout with the various domains, one of the bundled alternatives is to put everything in FHS-compliant locations. Once that hits a release (which I believe will be … Continue reading

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