It’s update o’clock

In other words, it’s "Graham remembers that someone needs to write the interwebs, too" time. The main reason I haven’t written in a while is that I’m enjoying the new job, so it’s satiating my hacking desires. No hacking projects = nothing to talk about. I can’t really talk about the work stuff, either; this is unfortunate because I did some really cool KVC-cheating in a prototype app I wrote, and it’d be a good article to describe that.

I’ve more or less dropped off the GNUstep radar recently. I still need to talk to the employers’ legal eagles in order to update my FSF copyright assignment, and then find something to hack on. Currently I only have a Mac OS X machine so I’d probably switch to some app-level stuff. I have half a plan in my mind for a SOPE app, but despite reading all the documentation I still haven’t worked out how to get started :-|. The code isn’t too much of a problem, I’ve used WebObejcts before, but WebObjects has a ‘hit this button to build and run your WebObjects code’ button, and there’s no description AFAICT for SOPE of what to put in the GNUmakefile to get built and running SOPE code, even whether you’re supposed to provide your own main() or anything. Hmmm…I wonder if there’s a sample project around…

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