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Warsaw Welcomes Dumbass Commentary

As I’m going to MCE tomorrow, tonight I’m going to my first WWDC keynote event since 2015. I doubt it’ll quite meet the high note of “dissecting” software design issues in the sports lounge at Moscone with Daniel Steinberg and … Continue reading

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Speaking of Swift, what idiot called it swift-evolution and not “A Modest Proposal”?

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“Brand”: you win some, you lose some

The 20th anniversary of the iMac reminded me that while many people capitalises the word “iMac” as Apple would like, including John “I never capitalise trademarks the way companies like” Gruber, nobody uses the article-less form that Apple does: So … Continue reading

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Free Software should welcome contributions by Apple, Google

It started with a toot from the FSF: Freedom means not #madebygoogle or #madebyapple, it means #madebythousandsoffreesoftwarehackers #GNU This post is an expansion on my reply: @fsf as an FSF Associate I’m happy to use software made by Google or … Continue reading

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On running out of words

John Gruber’s subscription to Wiktionary expired: At just 20 percent of unit sales, Apple isn’t even close to a monopoly. At 92 percent profit share, they have a market dominance that rivals any actual monopoly the tech industry has ever … Continue reading

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Apple noticed there are programmers outside the valley If my summary sounds cynical, it’s because I’m cynical of the old Apple way where they only hired engineers who wanted to relocate within the shadow of (whatever the big thing in … Continue reading

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Standing at the Crossroads

A while back I wrote Conflicts in my Mental Model of Objective-C, in which I listed a few small scale dichotomies or cognitive dissonances that plagued my notion of my work. I just worked out what the overall picture is, … Continue reading

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Conflicts in my mental model of Objective-C

My worldview as it relates to the writing of software in Objective-C contains many items that are at odds with one another. I either need to resolve them or to live with the cognitive dissonance, gradually becoming more insane as … Continue reading

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Coupling in a Cocoa[ Touch] App

This is one of my occasional “problem looking for a solution” posts. It’d be great to discuss this over on or G+ or somewhere. I don’t think, at the outset of writing this post, that the last sentence is … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Objective-C!

OK, I have to admit that I actually missed the party. Brad Cox first described his “Object-Oriented pre-compiler”, OOPC, in The January 1983 issue of ACM SIGPLAN Notices. This describes the Object Oriented Pre-Compiler, OOPC, a language and a run-time … Continue reading

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