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Or maybe, because we want to

How (and Why) Developers Use the Dynamic Features of Programming Languages: The Case of Smalltalk is an interesting analysis of the reality of dynamic programming in Smalltalk (Squeak and Pharo, really). Taking the 1,000 largest projects on SqueakSource, the authors … Continue reading

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On version 12

Reflecting on another WWDC keynote reminded me of this bit in Tron:Legacy, which I’ve undoubtedly not remembered with 100% accuracy: We’re charging children and schools so much for this, what’s so great about the new version? Well, there’s a 12 … Continue reading

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Warsaw Welcomes Dumbass Commentary

As I’m going to MCE tomorrow, tonight I’m going to my first WWDC keynote event since 2015. I doubt it’ll quite meet the high note of “dissecting” software design issues in the sports lounge at Moscone with Daniel Steinberg and … Continue reading

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The hardest thing

I now have the make the hardest decision in programming. It has nothing to do with naming things or invalidating caches: rather it is which *nix to install on a computer. NextBSD and MidnightBSD both have goals that are relevant … Continue reading

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Speaking of Swift, what idiot called it swift-evolution and not “A Modest Proposal”?

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Eating the bubble

How far back do you want to go to find people telling you that JavaScript is eating the world? Last year? Two years ago? Three? Five? It’s a slow digestion process, if that’s what is happening. Five years ago, there … Continue reading

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