One meeellleeon

A teacher recently asked her computing class if there was any question they would like to ask me. One of the students came up with a question: how could they make a million pounds?

I think my answer would be one of these:

  1. Facebook has order of a billion users and is worth order of 100 billion pounds. Network value scales as the square of the number of users, so to merely make a million pounds you could build a network with just three and a half million users.

  2. A lowest-tier iOS app nets its developer roughly 40p per sale. To make a million pounds you need simply build a cheap app, then attract two and a half million sales.

If the app were a value-add for the network, you could easily make more than two million pounds.

[In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve already make a million pounds, it’s just that the costs worked out to about a million pounds.]

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