Is TDD Dead? My questions

These are my questions for parts 5 and 6 of Is TDD Dead?. I’d like to start by thanking the panellists for publishing their discussions.

TDD the Principle

Kent and Martin, why is it that you practise test-driven development? What do you get from it? David, how do you get those same things?

What could change about the way we write software to make TDD redundant or obsolete for Kent and Martin? What could change about the way that TDD is performed to make it useful or beneficial for David?

TDD the Practise

David, is there a way in which we could retain the test-first idea of TDD, but avoid the design problems you encounter in the production code? Are you able to distil a short list of design guidelines that avoid your “design damage”? Kent and Martin, how could TDDers follow those guidelines in their work?

TDD the Community

How have all three of you felt about the community reaction to this discussion? What has been good? What has been bad? What has been missing? Is there information the community could supply to help developers evaluate and choose or discard TDD for their work that is missing? Are there questions developers should ask before choosing whether to adopt or avoid TDD that you believe are not being raised?

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