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{ Monthly Archives } September 2013

Choosing the correct openings and closures

Plenty of programmers will have heard of the Open-Closed Principle of object-oriented design. It is, after all, one of the five SOLID principles. You may not, however, have seen the principle as originally stated. You’ve probably heard this formulation by Robert C. Martin, or a variation on the theme: Modules that conform to the open-closed […]

NIMBY Objects

Members of comfortable societies such as English towns have expectations of the services they will receive. They want their rubbish disposed of before it builds up too much, for example. They don’t so much care how it’s dealt with, they just want to put the rubbish out there and have it taken away. They want […]

Dogma-driven development

You can find plenty of dogmatic positions in software development, in blogs, in podcasts, in books, and even in academic articles. “You should (always/never) write tests before writing code.” “Pair programming is a (good/bad) use of time.” “(X/not X) considered harmful.” “The opening brace should go on the (same/next) line.” Let us ignore, for the […]