More security processes go wrong

I just signed a piece of card so that I could take a picture of it, clean it up and attach it to a document, pretending that I’d printed the document out, signed it, and scanned it back in. I do that about once a year (it was more frequent when I ran my own business, but then I only signed the piece of card once).

Just a little reminder: it’s not having my signature that should be valued, it’s having seen me perform the act of signing. Signatures can easily be duplicated. If you’ve decided that I’m me, and you’ve seen me put my signature to a document, from that moment on you can know that I signed that document. If you didn’t see it, but got a validated statement from a known notary that they saw it, then fair enough. If you didn’t see it, and a notary didn’t see it, then all you know is that you have a sheet of paper containing some words and my signature. This should tell you nothing about how the two came into proximity.

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