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I’m very excited to soon be joining the ranks of Agant Ltd, working on some great apps with an awesome team of people. I’ll be bringing with me my favourite title, Smartphone Security Boffin. Any development team can benefit from a security boffin, but I’m also very excited to be in product development with the people who make some of the best products on the market.

There’s another side to all of this: once again can security boffinry be at your disposal. I’ll be available on a consultancy basis to help out with your application security and privacy issues. If you’re unsure how to do SSL right in your iOS app, are having difficulty getting your Mac software to behave in the App Store sandbox, or need help to identify the security pain points in your application’s design or code, I can lend a hand.

Of course, it’s not just about technology. The best way to help your developers get security right is to help your developers to help themselves. When I’ve done security training for developers before I’ve seen those flashes of enlightenment when delegates realise how the issues relate to their own work; the hasty notes of class or method names to look into back at the desk; the excited discusses in the breaks. Security training for iOS app developers is great for the people, great for the product – and, of course, something I can help out with.

To check availability and book some time (which will be no earlier than July), drop me a line on the twitters or at

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