On, or rather in, Seattle

I’ve never been to Washington before, so I’m looking forward to Voices That Matter: iPhone Developers Conference in April. Of course, you know I like the sound of my own voice enough to be speaking: my talk this year will be about Test-Driven Development of iOS apps. I heard from attendees in Philly that they wanted my unit testing talk to be more meat and less waffle, and that’s the talk I’ll be giving this time.

I also like the sound of other people’s voices, and the schedule this time looks spot on: fellow sideburn-wielders Mike Lee and Andy Ihnatko are talking, as is Aaron Hillegass: all worth listening to. I’m a bit nervous about talking to an empty room as I’m scheduled up against Cat Shive who gives a good talk too.

If you’re interested in attending, now is the time to register. Early bird pricing ends Friday, but whether you sign up now or next week you can use promo code SEASPK2 to get an extra $100 off. Right now, that means attendance is only $395.

By the way, I’m sounding out things to do while I’m in Seattle, so any locals who have expert knowledge on where to eat and what to see please feel welcome to comment. I’m definitely up for visiting 1, Microsoft Way in nearby Redmond. If you work for Microsoft, offer to run a tour ;-).

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