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On Singleton(s)

I woke up this morning to a discussion on Twitter over how different implementations of the Singleton pattern compare. This is like comparing your Herpes: no matter whose is better or more efficient, you still have unsightly blisters. Overview: wtf … Continue reading

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On, or rather in, Seattle

I’ve never been to Washington before, so I’m looking forward to Voices That Matter: iPhone Developers Conference in April. Of course, you know I like the sound of my own voice enough to be speaking: my talk this year will … Continue reading

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On repeatable builds

One of the key features of software engineering, as distinct from cowboy coding or hacking, is that it should be repeatable. That doesn’t mean that you should do the same project twice in identical ways from beginning to end: that … Continue reading

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On squeezing out that last ounce of performance

As I get confused by a component of an application that should be network-bound actually being limited by CPU availability, I get reminded of the times in my career that I’ve dealt with application performance. I used to work on … Continue reading

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