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On secrets

Secrets are hard. Especially in the digital domain, but we can see examples in other environments too. Let’s take a look at a couple of historical examples. It used to be the case that all of Britain’s diplomatic traffic was … Continue reading

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On utilities

When I worked on an antivirus application, we used to have a joke in our team that we’d choose which one of us would accept the Apple Design Award for our product. Not that we weren’t striving for ADA-quality work; … Continue reading

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On phone support scams and fake AV

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Twitter about a new scam: Heard about someone who was phoned by a man “from Windows” who engineered his way into remote access to the mark’s computer. Fast forward to now, the … Continue reading

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On free Mac Anti-Virus

On Tuesday, my pals at my old stomping ground Sophos launched their Free home edition Mac product. I’ve been asked by several people what makes it tick, so here’s Mac Anti-Virus In A Nutshell. What is the AV doing? So … Continue reading

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