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Rumors of your runtime’s death are greatly exaggerated

This is supposed to be the week in which Apple killed Java and Flash on the Mac, but it isn’t. In fact, looking at recent history, Flash could be about to enter its healthiest period on the platform, but the … Continue reading

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What do you think of this?

I’m interested to find out what us Cocoa developers (alright, I know my opinion already) think of the following distinction between Foundation and, well any other object-oriented foundation library. The distinction is this. In many libraries, compound objects (not only … Continue reading

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An example of unit testing working for me

Some specific feedback I was given regarding my unit testing talk at VTM: iPhone fall conference was that the talk was short on real-world application of unit testing. That statement is definitely true, and it’s unfortunate that I didn’t meet … Continue reading

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On Ignoring the Tests

As mentioned over two months ago, I’ll be giving two talks this weekend at the Voices That Matter: iPhone Developers Fall conference. I’m feeling good about both of the talks that I’ve worked on, though I definitely think the Unit … Continue reading

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On documentation

Over at the daily WTF, Alex Papadimoulis writes about Documentation Done Right. His conclusion is spot on: The immediate answer to what’s the right way to do documentation is clear: produce the least amount of documentation needed to facilitate the … Continue reading

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