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Using Aspect-Oriented Programming for Security Engineering

This paper by Kotrappa Sirbi and Prakash Jayanth Kulkarni (link goes to HTML abstract, full text PDF is free) discusses implementation of an application’s security requirements in Java using Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP). We have AOP for Objective-C (of sorts), but … Continue reading

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A solution in need of a problem

I don’t usually do product reviews, in fact I have been asked a few times to accept a free product in return for a review and have turned them all down. This is just such an outré product that I … Continue reading

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Template class for unit testing Core Data entities

Some time ago, in a blog far, far, away, I wrote about unit-testing Core Data. Essentially, your test case class should create a temporary, in-memory Core Data stack in -setUp, and clean it up in -tearDown. Your test methods can … Continue reading

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Configuring CruiseControl.rb in under an hour

One of the changes I decided to make straight after NSConf MINI yesterday was to enable continuous integration for my projects. I had used CI before based on BuildBot, but that had left me less than impressed: It was really … Continue reading

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On the extension of code signing

One of the public releases Apple has made this WWDC week is that of Safari 5, the latest version of their web browser. Safari 5 is the first version of the software to provide a public extensions API, and there … Continue reading

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