The rokeg blood pie^W^W^Wplot thickens

So, having already discussed Klingon Anti-Virus, the under-research Klingon threat detection tool made available by Sophos, it seems that more information has been made available. From no less, or indeed more, of a source than the blog of my Clu-ful conym.

This seems to confirm the impression that the tool has been developed for some special internal use and might not be downloadable much longer. It’s hard to tell, though; most of the company is being very quiet about it (indeed it wasn’t until today that much internal noise was generated about the tool at all).

Of course, maybe I’m being duped. This could be some sort of company experiment to see, well, either how much free marketing they can get or who in the company is responsible for the press leaks. If it’s the latter, then I need you all to take a look at my CV as I’ll probably be relying on it – and you – soon ;-).

Anyway, take a look at the tool if you’re interested, I’ve had reports that it works well but still haven’t heard much feedback about the quality of the translation. BTW, interested in a Mac version of the tool? I can’t promise anything but leave a message after the beep and I’ll forward requests…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The fact that this abortion even made it to light caused much gnashing of teeth in the appropriate departments. Since your software is not touched, you were never pulled into this vortex of abuse of good developer resource.

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