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chord graphics

Ha, crossover humour! It’s like Core Graphics, which is a Mac thing, only it’s chord, because I’m talking about music, but I’m a Mac guy…oh, never mind. When I’m trying to think of chords in music I always end up … Continue reading

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Prepping for WWDC

With the obvious first question being which parties do I go to? See you there?

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The rokeg blood pie^W^W^Wplot thickens

So, having already discussed Klingon Anti-Virus, the under-research Klingon threat detection tool made available by Sophos, it seems that more information has been made available. From no less, or indeed more, of a source than the blog of my Clu-ful … Continue reading

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Detect the gagh lurking in your system!

Following up on my previous ability to get to the top of a Google search for a Klingon word (that one was chuvmey, as in my post Model, View, chuvmey) here is yet another attempt. At what? Why, at skewing … Continue reading

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Rootier than root

There’s a common misconception, the book I’m reading now suffers from it, that single-user mode on a unix such as mac os x gives you root access. Actually, it grants you higher access than root. For example, set the immutable … Continue reading

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