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Wistfully Wonderful Den of Coders

It’s the time of the year to acknowledge that yes, I am going to WWDC this year. Left it a bit last minute to get the flights and the hotel, but everything is in place now so hopefully I’ll see … Continue reading

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Managers: Don’t bend it that far, you’ll break it!

Go on then, what’s wrong with the words we already have? I think they’re perfectly cromulent, it’s very hard to get into a situation where the existing English vocabulary is insufficient to articulate one’s thoughts. I expect that linguists and … Continue reading

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My name in lights

I’ve been published.

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Social and political requirements gathering

I was originally going to talk about API: Design Matters and Cocoa, but, and I believe the title of this post may give this away, I’m not going to now. That’s made its way into OmniFocus though, so I’ll do … Continue reading

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The Dock should be destroyed, or at least changed a lot

I found an article about features Windows should have but doesn’t, which I originally got to from OSNews’ commentary on the feature list. To quote the original article: The centerpiece of every Mac desktop is a little utility called the … Continue reading

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